2001 S.D.A.M.C.C.C. Car Show
Text by John Schermerhorn, Photos and captions by Bob Kitterer

The Healey club came through with flying colors in helping to put on the show. Warren Voth did the certificates that were presented, Bob and Barb Humphreys did an excellent job on the registration while Dick Schmidt helped judge the event and Jan assisted with registration and staging.
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One row of cars with a couple MGs. Bob H's and our cars on the back of this row
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Row with our cars, you can see Bob H's but ours is hidden behind people
Thanks to the cones and vests from Mike Williams we were able to set up the car places easier and Bob Kitterer as-sisted with judging also and Annice helped with registration and problem solving. Mary S., as usual, helped pick up the pieces as they fell off the wagon so that in all, the event went very well.
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Sparrow electric three wheel one person commuter car
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1957 Lincoln Premier two door hardtop with drive-in movie speakers, drive-in restaurant car hop with window trays and food. To the right is a flip-top convertible Ford.
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View looking back at the museum with a 1953 Packard Patrician on the end of the row
Click for larger imageThe biggest problem we had was that there were so many other things going on that day that our attendance was only about half of what it was last year. This was one of those artistic successes but box office flop.

My thanks to all who helped and if I left someone off the list above I apologize and hope you will tell me so that I can get your recognition in the next issue.

Homemade car, the wings on the top flap