AHCSD Holiday Party
By Sharon Tanihara
(photos by Louis Galper and Rick Snover)

Having spent the last month packing and moving, it was nice to get out of the house and away from the stacks of boxes representing a lifetime of collecting and clutter that donÝt seem to have any current useful purpose. Garage sale, anyone?

Although the ride to San Diego would have been great in my Healey, the average speed was somewhere around 75. As I was constantly being passed up by cars going much faster, I guess I was better off in the Sidekick, since packing and moving got in the way of purchasing new tubes and tires to replace the 11-year old set on my car and taking her in for the minor repairs I had planned to have done during November.

Click for larger image (photo by Louis Galper) Click for larger image (photo by Louis Galper)
The Christmas party, held once again at the San Diego Automobile Museum, was a resounding success - a delicious traditional turkey dinner complete with desserts of all kinds, catered once again by honorary Healey club member Celia Austin, the pleasant company of kindred Healey spirits and the always entertaining gift exchange, presided over by gift-exchange-guru Mike Williams. The most sought after items this year were a Beers-of-the-World 10-pack I picked and lost early on, and a gigantic can of BeckÝs beer finally confiscated by Mike. Also popular were several food items including the Belgian chocolates I went home with, some cheese and sausage assortments and a Christmas cookie jar, although some of the guys got pretty worked up over the ColorTune tool and other car-related items - go figure!
Click for larger image (photo by Louis Galper) Click for larger image (photo by Rick Snover)
The time passed quickly, and soon the party was over. To top off the dayÝs pleasant event, the ride home was pretty wonderful, too, as I enjoyed a beautiful sunset in the west and savored Belgian chocolates all the way!
Click for larger image (photo by Rick Snover) Click for larger image (photo by Rick Snover)
P.S. A million thanks to whoever brought the Guylein Belgian chocolates - they are superb!